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welcome to regenerative light therapy

Our unique, patented wellness wearable delivers four complementary modes: red, near-infrared, magnetic, and microvibration – each mode working harmoniously to help avoid injury, reduce pain and stiffness, and accelerate and improve recovery.

There’s a reason DNA Vibe’s patented technology is trusted by hundreds of elite pro athletes, teams and trainers, thousands of healthcare professionals, and tens of thousands of happier moms, dads, grandparents, and kids. With our Good Vibes Guarantee, DNA Vibe’s Jazz Band Live is guaranteed to help you and your loved ones feel better and do more of what you love – or your money back.

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See what the experts have to say about DNA Vibe's
Regenerative Light Therapy:

Chris Price, Practice Owner FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers has four decades of experiences as a Master Physical Therapist.

Scott Boyer, owner/operator of Amplified Wellness Regenerative clinics, uses DNA Vibe across his network of regenerative practices. 

Eric Durak, University of California Researcher and Founder Med Health Fit is a pioneer and leader in the field of health, wellness, and exercise research. 

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Certified for guaranteed HSA and FSA reimbursement. 

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See for yourself why DNA Vibe's Jazz Band was voted the Coolest Thing Made in Colorado!

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Our mission is simple: make the world a better place, one better life at a time (yours included).

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