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We founded DNA Vibe in 2018 for one and only one purpose: To make the world a better place, one better life at a time (including yours). This is more than just a slogan. It defines us and drives everything we do.

This starts with delivering life-enhancing and patented regenerative technologies that are so much more advanced than simplistic conventional light devices that we don’t even consider them competitors. In fact, scientifically, those have much more in common with simple heating pads – only far more expensive versions. Learn more here.

It’s also reflected in our revolutionary “localized mesh manufacturing” model. Instead of making our products in massive overseas factories and shipping them all around the world (which strips economic value and vitality away from local communities like yours); we make our products in Local Advanced Manufacturing Pods (aka “LAMPs”). As we continue to grow, we are deploying LAMPs into the markets we serve so they can thrive with us.

It’s even reflected in our innovative packaging approaches. Through creative redesign, we’ve managed to remove a whopping 100% of all plastics and foams from our packaging, along with 80% of paper goods (we’re saving 2,700 hot-tubs full of foam, 330 football fields covered in plastic sheeting, and 300 45-foot tall pine trees per million units shipped)! Imagine the impact as others follow our lead!

Our life-enriching regenerative technologies, community-reviving manufacturing model, and waste-friendly packaging will continue to make the world a better place, and the more we grow, the greater the impact. That’s inspiring!! But hands down, the most rewarding and energizing thing of all are the stories of lives improved that we are blessed with on a daily basis. We humbly invite you to join our movement to make the world a better place, one better life at a time. You’ll feel better and do more of what you love, guaranteed (or your money back).

- Perry Kamel, Founder & CEO

DNA Vibe's Pillars of Purpose:

At DNA Vibe, we are deeply mission-based and purpose driven. This ethos shapes every decision, action, and relationship we engage in each day. Our foundation is built upon three defining "Pillars of Purpose." 

Pillar 1: Improved Lives Through Innovative Science

We are obsessively (and exclusively) focused on offering advanced, innovative, science-based products and technologies designed to enhance lives. Our solutions help prevent injuries, accelerate and improve recovery, and promote a healthy, active, and rewarding lifestyle for people of all ages, genders, and walks of life (from elite pro athletes to grandparents striving to remain active with their grandkids).

Pillar 2: LAMPS -- Empowering Communities for Collective Thriving

We are committed to powering a local-manufacturing renaissance that will help local communities around the world thrive. Early on at DNA Vibe, we realized that most high-tech consumer products are made in one (or very few) extremely large, multi-billion dollar factories and shipped all over the world. When this happens, there are two tragic consequences: 1) economic vitality is stripped away from local communities, and 2) local communities are not engaged in imagining and creating the next series of exciting innovations. Ouch and ouch. At DNA Vibe, we’ve challenged this paradigm through the use of our “LAMPs” (Local Advanced Manufacturing Pods). Instead of one very large plant shipping everywhere, we envision a thousand micro-plants making products locally and shipping nowhere – a thousand LAMPs, or a thousand points of light shining all over the world. We refer to this as an Intelligent Mesh Manufacturing model, and it’s already having an impact (we’re proud to have been awarded Coolest Thing Made in Colorado for 2023!). This isn’t just a manufacturing strategy – this model is a transformative force aligned with our core values. As we expand around the globe, we’ll continue deploying LAMPs into the communities we serve. More to come!

Pillar 3: Building a Culture of Empowerment

We’re passionate about proactively and intentionally building a culture that respects, edifies, and empowers all of our employees (our “Vibe Tribe”). Each team member understands the impact and importance of their role, contributing to our shared purposes. Our culture at DNA Vibe serves as the compass guiding us toward meaningful and sustainable success in our pursuit of innovation, manufacturing excellence, and community empowerment. Together, we celebrate our shared successes, and most importantly the successes of our customers and the communities we serve. At DNA Vibe, work is energizing and rewarding as we celebrate daily successes measured in lives and communities improved.

People often tell us that we’re not a typical company.

While we’re not sure about that, this much we are certain of: We exist to make the world a better place, one better life at a time.

About DNA Vibe

People often tell us that we're not a typical company. While we're not sure about that, this much we are certain of: We exist to make the world a better place, one better life at a time. 

About Light Therapy

Conventional light therapies have been around for over 50 years (since 1967). They've been shown to be effective and safe through numerous double-blind clinical studies and have been FDA-approved for decades. While they are known to work, few (if any) providers understood exacly how or why they worked -- until DNA Vibe. 

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Pioneers in the Field

In 2016, Perry Kamel, a seasoned leader in business with over thirty years of experience in marketing innovation, joined forces with Dr. Max Rempel, a distinguished reserarcher in molecular biology and genomics. Perry's impressive track record includes an educational background in wave-particle physics and professional roles as the Founding Managing Director of Accenture Interactive and CEO of Elateral, while Dr. Max Rempel boasts a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, over ten years spent as the President of Healing Photonics research at the University of Rochester, on top of an extensive career as an academic researcher in red light therapy's effects on DNA. His expertise culminated in the discovery that DNA responds to various forms of light signaling -- a revelation that inspired the development of DNA Vibe's proprietary blend of signaling protocols.

Building upon Dr. Rempel's groundbreaking research, Perry Kamel and Jordan Potarf joined forces to bring DNA Vibe's vision to life. In 2018, Jordan Potarf joined the team, and together with Perry, they workshopped and pioneered the Jazz Band that our company produces today.

Our Legacy

In just  a few short years, DNA Vibe has become a beacon of innovation in the wellness technology industry. The Jazz Band continues to provide life-changing results for users, enabling them to enjoy a higher quality of life. 

Meet our team

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Jane Smith

Co-founder and COO

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Mark Johnson

Head Pharmacist

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Customer Support Manager

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Co-founder and CEO

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