Our Regenerative Light Therapy technology is based on the underlying science and DNA Vibe’s proprietary research into the relationship between genomics and wave-particle physics. From this point of view, conventional light therapies come up short and tend to be relatively expensive, complicated, and clumsy. Leveraging our unique understanding of the science, DNA Vibe’s technology is surprisingly affordable, easy to use, wearable, and above all, intelligent.

How Does It Work?

When our body experiences any form of injury, it instinctively kicks into action, jumpstarting DNA expression to rebuild healthy tissues and replace the damaged ones. In fact, it’s happening to you right now as you read this page!

The role of DNA in our health and wellness is crucial, as it acts as the primary agent governing our natural regenerative processes. Enter DNA Vibe’s patented technology, designed to promote molecular excitation of DNA, actively stimulating and amplifying the body’s built-in regenerative mechanisms.

In simpler terms, we provide a gentle boost to the body’s natural recovery. As the body fights to recover, DNA Vibe lends a helping hand, allowing it to fight down hill with the wind at its back.

That boost can make a world of difference.



To start, the molecular excitation that boosts the natural regenerative process is an exceptionally gentle “whisper,” not a “shout.” Molecular excitation requires a very low level of energy coupled with a high level of precision. This is because all matter with a recuring structural pattern is prone to excitation when exposed to relatively low levels of energy at just the right wavelength or frequency. Excitation occurs when the period of energy matches the period of, or a harmonic of, the recurring structural pattern – in other words, at just the right “Vibe.”

Illustrating this concept, a glass made of crystal will have a recurring molecular structure called a lattice (a bit like a repeating saw-tooth pattern). As most of you will have experienced, when you delicately rub the rim of the glass at just the right speed and with a gentle touch, the glass “sings” or hums. This humming is an example of molecular excitation: the recurring pattern of the crystalline structure receives mechanical energy from your fingertip at the perfect frequency (where circular speed is frequency), causing the crystalline structure to get excited and return the energy as an audible sound.


Here’s why this matters: molecular excitation is a) precise (rub a little too fast or too slow and the singing stops), and b) very delicate (press your finger too hard, and the singing stops – note that if you keep going at that point, your fingertip will become quite warm… read on to learn why). These same principles apply to our technology, where the right balance is crucial for stimulating molecular excitation of DNA.

This is a classic case of “Less is More.” Because molecular excitation of DNA stimulates the natural regenerative process, a little too much power or a small variation in frequency can negate this. Without excitation, absorbed energy converts to thermal and kinetic energy (think heating pads), which does not produce regenerative systemic effects in the body. All other light wearables are substantially more powerful than DNA Vibe’s (we’re talking ~10 to 20 times more powerful – competitors mock us at tradeshows for having only 10 emitters, boasting that they have 100 or more!), and none we have seen to date have frequency stabilization technology. In other words, our patented technology uniquely stimulates the regenerative process, while others (you can recognize them by the much higher density of emitter arrays, with little or no energy diffusion or attenuation – e.g., you see points of light and not diffused discs) are effectively shiny, non-regenerative heating pads. And, while boasting various frequencies or wavelengths, without frequency stabilization technology, our competitors lack the precision to promote molecular excitation. In short, DNA Vibe’s technology, with its unique design and frequency stabilization, is dedicated to promoting regenerative recovery – setting us apart from the rest in the field.


How To Apply the Jazz Band

Watch this video to explore common areas of application for your Jazz Band and discover valuable tips & tricks along the way!

Four Modes of Relief


red light therapy


infrared light


magnetic signaling





Jazz Band Features

  • 4 complementary modes: red, near-infrared, micro-vibration, and magnetic pulse.
  • Flexible silicone construction with computer-optimized geometry to fit flush and comfortably on every part craving relief (back, neck, knees, elbows, ankles, hands, feet and more). One product for all your needs today and tomorrow
  • Pulsed microvibration designed to promote enhanced non-vascular flows, relieving stiffness and pressure while promoting a healthy environment to enhance recovery.
  • Micro-vibration includes randomized analog oscillation to enhance the soothing nerve-gating effects to take the edge off of the pain signals (sweet soothing relief!).
  • Incredibly maintainable! Silicone is virtually indestructible with easy spray-and-wipe maintainability, while the removable fabric sleeve and elastic bands are machine washable (delicate cycle). No nasty smells over time!
  • The exceptionally low power noted above is not only advantageous in stimulating natural regenerative processes, it also eliminates the potential safety concerns of over-powered conventional light technologies.
  • Last but not least: DNA Vibe’s Jazz Bands are the only wearable tech of our kind proudly made in the USA..


There’s a reason DNA Vibe’s patented technology is trusted by hundreds of elite pro athletes, teams and trainers, thousands of healthcare professionals, and tens of thousands of happier moms, dads, grandparents, and kids. With our Good Vibes Guarantee, DNA Vibe’s Jazz Band Live is guaranteed to help you and your loved ones feel better and do more of what you love – or your money back.


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