What separates Intelligent Light Therapy?

While our technology is similar in some ways to conventional light therapies, we’re quite a bit “beyond light therapy.” We call it Intelligent Light Therapy.


Conventional light therapies have been around for over 50 years (since 1967). They’ve been shown to be effective and safe through numerous double-blind clinical studies and have been FDA approved for decades. While they are known to work, few (if any) providers understand how or why they work. Until DNA Vibe. Our Intelligent Light Therapy technology is based on the underlying sciences and DNA Vibe’s proprietary research into the relationship between genomics and wave-particle physics. From this point of view, conventional light therapies come up short and tend to be relatively expensive, complicated, and clumsy. Leveraging our unique understanding of the science, DNA Vibe’s technology is surprisingly affordable, easy to use, wearable, and above all, intelligent.

Intelligence = Precision Over Power

By design, the Jazz Band operates at remarkably low intensity because the science tells us effectiveness is primarily a function of frequency precision and stability, not power. The Jazz Band targets a specific combination of frequencies for best results. And, because frequency shifts with intensity, we’ve developed cutting edge pulse division modulation technology to maintain precise frequencies across the full range of intensities.

The result? Unmatched precision with remarkably low power. Because of our understanding of the science, the Jazz Band is safer and offers more effective relief than conventional light therapies.

Maximizing safety and effectiveness? That’s intelligent.

Intelligence = Multiple Complementary Modes

Conventional light therapies use safe and effective levels of red and/or near infrared light, and others employ various forms of magnetic signals to stimulate health and wellness. Such therapies have long been approved by the FDA and proven safe and effective through countless double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials. Such therapies stimulate health, wellness, recovery and performance through several beneficial effects, including:

  • Vasodilation & Oxygenation: Relaxation and expansion of blood vessels increases blood flow and cellular oxygenation. Oxygen provides energy and vitality at both the cellular and systemic levels. Anyone who has been to an oxygen bar can relate.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Improved circulation and fluid flow helps to decongest and de-inflame tissues. This can be experienced as an easing of pressure, inflammation, and discomfort.
  • Increased Production of ATP: Evidence suggests that light therapies stimulate accelerated production of ATP, which fuels increased cellular energy and vitality.
  • Synthesis of Amino Acids & Proteins: Research has shown that light therapies stimulate messenger RNA which increases the synthesis of amino acids and proteins to help restore, rebuild, and replenish healthy tissues.

DNA Vibe’s proprietary multi-mode technology is based on our unique science-based insights into how each mode works, and how they interact. In contrast to conventional light therapies, the Jazz Band combines multiple modes harmoniously to maximize effectiveness and results. In addition to combining proprietary red, near-infrared, and magnetic signals, our technology adds micro-vibration. These four modes work in harmony to provide exceptional relief.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. That’s intelligent.

Intelligence = Versatility & Wearability  

The Jazz Band’s geometry is computer-optimized to fit comfortably across the widest range of areas (back, neck, knees, ankles, elbows, wrists, and more).

Unlike conventional devices that lose 80% or more light through reflection and scatter, the Jazz Band’s proprietary flexible design allows it to lay flush where you need it most to deliver soothing relief with maximum precision, efficiency, and safety.

The Jazz Band also supports three interchangeable powering options: It plugs into the wall with a 10-foot cord for unlimited power while enjoying a movie, reading a book, or working at the desk; plugs into your car to turn drive time into Vibe time (traffic never felt so good!); and plugs into a powerpack for unrestricted movement with an all-day run-time on a single charge.

One product. So many options. That’s Intelligent.