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Jazz Band Vibe

Jazz Band Vibe

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DNA Vibe’s “Jazz Band Vibe” is the most advanced Intelligent Light Therapy wearable for clinical applications.  Like the Jazz Band Live, it features four proprietary and complementary modes (red, infrared, magnetic, and micro-vibration) that work in harmony with your body’s natural processes to help reduce stiffness, inflammation and pain while accelerating and improving recovery.  Its signature geometry is computer-optimized to fit every part of the body (back, neck, knees, elbows, ankles, hands, feet and more).  Strap it on wherever and whenever you crave relief. 

How does the Jazz Band Vibe differ from the Jazz Band Live?  The Jazz Band Vibe also features advanced mobile application controls and sophisticated analytic capabilities.  Ideal for the tech enthusiast and for advanced clinical and research applications, the Jazz Band Vibe supports personalized mode control, protocol tracking and compliance monitoring with optional subscription options.

Like its siblings, the Jazz Band Vibe also supports three interchangeable powering options to maximize convenience and availability at home and on the go. The standard wall adapter (included with each Jazz Band purchase) plugs into the wall with a convenient 10-foot cord:  perfect for unlimited power while relaxing on the couch, working at the desk, or resting in bed.  With the optional car adapter (sold separately), it plugs into your car to turn drive time into vibe time (traffic never felt so good!); and it plugs into the optional cordless power pack (sold separately) for unrestricted movement with an all-day run-time on a single charge, and it even charges your mobile phone or tablet! (perfect for onsite use at health and fitness studios, moving freely about the home, or while on the go or at the club).

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