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Jazz Band Gel Pack

Jazz Band Gel Pack

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We are super excited about our brand new Hot & Cold Gel Pack. This one-of-a-kind gel pack is designed to work in harmony with our Jazz Band technology:

  • Amazingly clear to let the Jazz Band modes do their thing with the gel pack tucked into the sleeve in front of the light-side.
  • Designed to fit perfectly in our fabric sleeve and can be used in tandem with or without the Jazz Band, with the same "all-body-part" versatility (even without the Jazz Band, it's an amazingly versatile and convenient pack!).
  • Can be used as either hot pack or cold pack depending on protocols and preferences (see below for more information).

As for when or how to use the pack:

Gel Packs (and ice packs, hot packs etc) have been mainstream for quite some time, and most of us are familiar with the conventional applications (e.g., cool the injury, warm the recovery). This is essentially the same, only so much better! You should always consult with your healthcare provider if you have any questions on when or how to apply cooling or warming.

With the advice of your caregiver, we generally apply cooling (e.g., ice packs) immediately after injury or surgery for one or two days to help mitigate swelling. That's when you would apply the chilled Jazz Band Gel Pack (simply by cooling it in the fridge or freezer). The Gel Pack can be used alone (tucked into the fabric pouch), which makes it a remarkably versatile and comfortable cooling pack in its own right (an ice pack optimized to fit easily and comfortably on every part of the body! what took so long, right???). It can also be used in tandem with the Jazz Band (simply place the Gel Pack in the fabric sleeve over the light-side of the Jazz Band). That way you can combine the relief and recovery of the Jazz Band active pad with the benefits of cooling.

After this cooling phase (generally 1-3 days after, following the advice of your caregiver), you can easily switch to a warmed Gel Pack (taking care that it not be uncomfortably warm or hot to the touch). And again, it can be used as a standalone super-versatile warming pack (finally!), or it can be used in tandem with the Jazz Band for the best of both worlds (soothing warmth with relief and recovery - indisputably the brightest idea to hit warm packs ever).

And again, the Jazz Band can be used alone or with the Gel Pack, and the Gel Pack can be used alone or with the Jazz Band. So cool, and yet so hot! Now you can enjoy the Vibe with the added benefits of soothing warmth and cooling relief.

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