Well + Good: DNA Vibe's Role in Training for a Marathon Post-Partum

Explore the remarkable journey detailed by Jennifer Heimlich in Well+Good, and witness how DNA Vibe's Jazz Band empowered her to conquer a marathon just 18 weeks after giving birth. As she shared in the article:

"I made sure to recover, icing my knees when they ached, and using a red light therapy band from DNA Vibe to help them heal... It works: Gradually, the knee pain went away. My gait got smoother again, even if the miles took longer than they used to."

We are delighted to have played a role in Jennifer's success, supporting her on this incredible fitness journey. It brings us immense joy to see our product align with our company's mission of making the world better, one better life at a time.

Read more about Jennifer's inspiring story here.

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