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Becoming an Infinity Partner is incredibly quick, easy, and rewarding. 

Thousands of partners coast to coast are helping their clients live better lives with DNA Vibe, all while building lucrative passive income streams. Win-win-win!

Our Clinical Partners

DNA Vibe has hundreds of "Infinity Partners," including leaders in sports medicine, physical therapy, orthopedics, advanced chiropractic care, holistic health, fitness, and other types of health and wellness practices.

97% Positive Outcomes

All of our partners have completed their own independent assessments of the technology behind the Jazz Band, including structured evidence-based evaluations and case studies. Their findings speak volumes. A full 97% of clients enjoy positive outcomes: reduced pain sensitivity, accelerated recovery, and/or enhanced performance. 


We welcome the opportunity to work with like-minded partners who share our commitment to making the world a better place, one better life at a time. To this end, our Infinity Partners Program is designed to maximize win-win-win opportunities: our partners win, their clients win, and we win as more and more people THR!VE. 

Meet Some of Our Amazing Partners

Chris Price, Practice Owner FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers has four decades of experiences as a Master Physical Therapist.

Scott Boyer, owner/operator of Amplified Wellness Regenerative clinics, uses DNA Vibe across his network of regenerative practices. 

Eric Durak, University of California Researcher and Founder Med Health Fit is a pioneer and leader in the field of health, wellness, and exercise research. 

Our Partners Love Us

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The Jazz Band Live continues to impress me and my patients. I have been a Physical Therapist for 31 years and this is one of my favorite tools of all time! The fact that people can take them home for use between visits is a game-changer. They are buying them as quickly as they are trying them, and they love it, too!


Pickleball PT


I’ve been using red light therapy for years with great success. I was introduced to the Jazz Band about a year ago and have used it daily ever since. The combination of red light, near-infrared, magnetic pulse, and micro-vibration is a game changer! Not only do I see better results, but my patients see them as well. The science behind the technology is extensive and the results speak for themselves. If you are looking to help reduce pain and inflammation as well as speed up recovery, I would highly recommend the Jazz Band from DNA Vibe. The whole team at DNA Vibe is great!


Dody Chiropractic


I’ve treated a variety of clients with ongoing chronic pain and acute tendinopathies that have benefited from DNA Vibe’s Jazz Band. It’s easy to use and backed by current research. Being an Infinity Partner with DNA Vibe has given me direct access to their support team to get questions answered and to get clients their devices almost immediately upon request. They have been a great resource in helping me provide an encompassing health care plan for my clients.


Trailhead Physical Therapy


Last year I had major ankle reconstruction (tendon repair, ligament replacement, micro fracture, etc), and since then have had that “residual ache” people often experience after surgery. I’ve been using the Jazz Band consistently on it and noticed a clear relief in pain! My athletes benefit greatly from relieved muscle soreness, recovery, and accelerated healing from injuries by using the Jazz Band. And DNA Vibe is a pleasure to work with and their team provides amazing support. I highly recommend!


Kula Sports and Performance


DNA Vibe is a great compliment to what we do here at Biohackers Fitness! Our clients can continue to benefit from a wearable light therapy device between visits to our studio, therefore enhancing their overall experience. We’ve seen amazing results from improved performance to reduced pain across our clientele.


Biohackers Health & Fitness


As a chiropractor, I work on many different issues that enter my office. I’ve had patients use the Jazz Band on scars, dog bites, lower back pain, neck and headache pain, anxiety, knee pain and more. They ALL love it!! The Jazz Band can be used on almost anything. My wife uses it on her adrenal glands for fatigue and on her chest to calm her anxieties. I use it on areas of chronic aches and pain. The uses are limitless! I highly recommend the DNA Vibe.


Castle Rock Chiropractic


I wanted to connect you… to the best red light company that I’ve come across and am LOVING offering them in our office or online. They practically sell themselves, are in a PERFECT price range, and get better results with raving fans than anything I’ve used before.


Upper Valley Chiropractic


As a health care practitioner with over 22 years of experience I am always trying to bring innovative therapies to my clients. I take great pains to research the science behind such innovations. I have been using cold lasers in my practice for over 18 years. They are great for my office, but the cost makes them impractical for my clients to use at home. I have been using the DNA Vibe “Jazz Band” in my practice for almost a year now. I have been extremely impressed with the overwhelming positive results among my clients. It is fantastic to have a very affordable device that my clients can use at home on a regular basis in between visits to help them feel and perform better!


Muscle Restoration Therapy

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