Getting Started

Download the DNA Vibe mobile application (**Jazz Band Vibe only**)

The DNA Vibe mobile app is used to control the Jazz Band, provide feedback, and share your Vibe with friends and family. Please download the mobile app from the Apple App Store (for Apple/iOS phones) or from Google Play (for Google/Android phones). Search the App Store or Google Play Store for “DNA Vibe” from your mobile device to find the app. Downloading the app is free and easy. Once the DNA Vibe mobile app is installed on your phone, you’re ready to Vibe.

Strap-on and plug-in

Watch this short video to learn about the best ways to apply your Jazz Band to various areas on your body.

Unless already inserted, please Insert your Jazz Band into the wearable pouch through the slot in the pouch. The white surface of the Jazz Band must be visible through the black mesh. This is the side that will be placed against your skin. The short electrical cord should protrude through the pouch via the longer edge of the slot used to insert the Jazz Band into the pouch. 

Once the Jazz Band is in the pouch, attach either end of the elastic band to the surface of the pouch opposite the mesh fabric. The hook tabs on the elastic band will cling to the loop fabric on the surface of the pouch, and also to the fabric of the elastic band. 

Before plugging in your Jazz Band, place the Jazz Band on the area where you wish to apply it with the mesh side of the pouch (and white side of the Jazz Band) against the skin of your knee, elbow, back, etc. Please note the mesh side of the pouch should be placed comfortably against your skin (it will not work effectively through clothing). With the pouch and device held in place, wrap the elastic band around your arm, leg, back (etc) securely to hold the Jazz Band in place. Do not over tighten! The elastic band should be wrapped comfortably with just enough tension to hold the Jazz Band in place.  

A small hook fabric tab on each side of the elastic band is designed as a starter tab to help start the application process. First secure the starter tab to the pouch. This will keep the pouch in place, making it easier to then wrap the remaining length of the elastic band. The size and shape of the pouch, together with the length of the elastic band, are designed to be extremely versatile and flexible. A little experimentation will quickly lead you to convenient and comfortable ways of securing it in place.

Once your Jazz Band is in place, plug the device into the power adapter cord, Car Power Adapter, or Power Pack.

Get your Vibe on

At this point, you’ve downloaded the DNA Vibe mobile app, strapped on, and plugged in. It’s now time to get your Vibe on by following these simple steps:  

  • Launch the DNA Vibe mobile app by tapping the application icon on your mobile phone.
  • When asked, please allow the app to use Bluetooth, notifications, and location services — all of which are required to interact with your Jazz Band. (Note: DNA Vibe does not use your location information. However, Android devices require location to be allowed in order to connect to Bluetooth devices.)
  • Create an account by entering your preferred email address as your User ID, and create a password.
  • You will receive an account confirmation email. Please open that email and enter the confirmation code in the DNA Vibe app to confirm your account.
  • After a few seconds, the Available Devices screen will appear. Click on the “Connect” button next to your device. Now you’re ready to run your first session!
  • Adjust the settings for red light, near infrared light, and magnetic from 1 through 10 (1 being lowest intensity and 10 being highest intensity). Tap and slide the colorful sliders to set your desired settings. We recommend leaving the settings at the default values of 10, 10 and 10 until you gain some experience with the Jazz Band and learn what works best for you.
  • Select your Session Time (the length of time you wish to use the Jazz Band). Session Time can be varied from 1 minute up to 60 minutes in one-minute increments by sliding the timer slider or tapping the numerals to manually enter a time. NOTE: While the Jazz Band is safe and can be used repeatedly when used as described in these instructions, our Viber Community reports greatest effects when using the device one to two times per day for 20 to 30 minutes each session. You can also toggle micro-vibration on and off from this screen.
  • Tap “Start” and enjoy the Vibe!

Provide feedback

After each session, you will have the opportunity to share your feedback regarding how you feel and how you experienced relief while using the Jazz Band. We warmly welcome any comments you may wish to share. For example: “My elbow was really stiff and sore, but about 20 minutes into my session, I forgot I was wearing my Jazz Band. It then dawned on me that I had also forgotten about the soreness.” This kind of feedback will help us better identify ways to improve device effectiveness.  

Please note: Many users report “passive relief” (meaning, they do not actively feel a sensation of increasing comfort or relief while using the device; but, after several minutes they forget they are wearing the device and come to realize their discomfort has vanished. Other users report “active relief” (meaning, they experience a more conscious reduction in discomfort while using the device). Naturally, both results are positive! So be sure to tune-in to understand how you are experiencing the benefits, and please share your feedback.

Please share the Vibe!

We THR!VE on word-of-mouth, so please share the goodness (and THANK YOU in advance!). Also, the more people use the Jazz Band, the more feedback we’ll have to make ongoing improvements to the Jazz Band’s effectiveness. We’re committed to our mission: THR!VE. And, we’re determined to make the world a better place one better life at a time. By sharing the Vibe far and wide, you will be joining us on our exciting journey to help more people enjoy increasingly effective results in order to feel better and live stronger Win-Win-Win.