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With our wholesale opportunities, we can make the world a whole lot better, one better life at a time. Wholesale options provide significant discounting to support win-win opportunities. All wholesale Jazz Bands are available in singles and multiples of four (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24). Each bundle must ship to the same destination address. If you wish to deliver 4 each to 3 locations, you will need to order three bundles of 4 Jazz Bands instead of a bundle of 12. Please specify your desired mix of pouch colors (black, blue, magenta) in the "Special Instructions" field during checkout. For larger quantities or for distributor opportunities, please contact your Infinity Partner Lead, or email our legendary partner support team at

All wholesale Jazz Bands are compatible with all of our Awesome Accessories. However, accessories are not available on the wholesale site. Infinity Partners may use their Referral Link to acquire accessories with a discount from our consumer store ( By using your Referral Link you will also earn a referral payment which serves as an additional accessory discount.

IMPORTANT: In order to help us succeed together, all authorized Infinity Partners eligible to receive referral payments are required to open and click through the Weekly Wednesday and other official email communications. These generally come out every Wednesday and provide professionally-designed content which you can print and post and/or share via email, social media, text messages, or websites. These are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to build value. We hope you'll soon come to appreciate and even anticipate them!

If you have any questions, desire assistance, or wish to discuss a special order, please contact your Infinity Lead or reach out to our Infinity support team at

Wholesale options are perfect for retail, resale, and in-practice use. Pick the option that's best for you and save up to 45%!

Price per Jazz Band based on bundle size.

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