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Unlike any other 'conventional light therapy,' DNA Vibe's patented Regenerative Wearable Technology (and lucrative partner program) are game-changers. Join us for an amazing eye-opener as we cover:

  • A dash of history:  One painless page that sets the context for how DNA Vibe's technology differs (dramatically) from conventional light therapies and why those differences matter so much.
  • A pinch of science: Explore the scientific epiphanies at the core of DNA Vibe's patented innovations.  This is literally EXCITING and promises to inspire wonder.  You will quickly "get it" and it could be life-changing.
  • A taste of technology: Get acquainted with the advanced technology that powers our award-winning products.  If you understand ice cream, you will understand this game-changing technology (and why it's 20-times LESS POWERFUL than the least powerful conventional light therapies.
  • Clinical applications: Quickly grasp straight-forward clinical applications and protocols, best practices, tips and tricks, and how DNA Vibe's Regenerative Wearables can help both your patients and your practice THR!VE.
  • Infinity Partner Program: While our patented technology is incredibly innovative, many consider our self-marketing partnership program to be equally innovative.  Designed for simple hands-free operation, our Infinity Partner program drives lucrative passive (self-sustaining) profits while helping make the world a better place one better life at a time.

Meet Some of Our Amazing Partners

Chris Price, practice owner of FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers has four decades of experiences as a Master Physical Therapist. "This is not like other light therapies."

Scott Boyer, owner/operator of Amplified Wellness Regenerative Clinics, uses DNA Vibe across his network of regenerative practices.  "The science is different - it's far better."

Eric Durak, University of California Researcher and Founder Med Health Fit is a pioneer and leader in the field of health, wellness, and exercise research.  "This can change healthcare."

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