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Jazz Band Splash - Bath Bundle

Jazz Band Splash - Bath Bundle

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The most advanced wearable light therapy technology available anywhere, and the only one proudly made in the USA, let the Jazz Band Live help you do more of what you love. Reduce stiffness, inflammation and pain while accelerating and improving recovery without drugs or invasive procedures.

The ultimate in relaxation + recovery:  The Jazz Band Splash Bathing Bundle includes our brand new (and the world's first and only!) fully-submersible Jazz Band Splash, plus iON(TM) Recharge & Recover bath salts.  Make the most of tub-time for relaxation AND recovery.  You'll not only feel better, you'll literally be making history!!


Talk about making a splash!  DNA Vibe's "Jazz Band Splash" is the first wearable light therapy ever to be fully submersible.  Game changer!  Designed at the request of elite professional sports teams, the Jazz Band Splash features patent-pending silicone construction with advanced hydro-dynamics for "in-tub" use.  Now all four modes of DNA Vibe's unique Intelligent Light Therapy can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own tub.  Ice tub? hot tub? Jacuzzi? bath tub? You bet!  Now you can turn tub time into Vibe time.  Recovery never felt this good!


Like its sibling Jazz Bands, the Jazz Band Splash is sure to become your go-to self-care companion.  Four proprietary and complementary modes (red, infrared, magnetic, and micro-vibration) work in harmony with your body's natural processes to help reduce stiffness, inflammation and pain while accelerating and improving recovery.  Its signature geometry is computer-optimized to fit every part of the body (back, neck, knees, elbows, ankles, hands, feet and more).  Strap it on wherever and whenever you crave relief.  The Jazz Band Splash works perfectly from couch to bed to office to car, around town, and now even in the comfort of your own tub, whether at the training center or at home.


The Jazz Band Splash also supports three interchangeable powering options to maximize convenience and availability at home and on the go. The standard wall adapter (included with each Jazz Band purchase) plugs into the wall with a convenient 10-foot cord:  perfect for unlimited power while relaxing on the couch, working at the desk, resting in bed, or enjoying some tub time.  With the optional car adapter (sold separately), it plugs into your car to turn drive time into vibe time (traffic never felt so good!); and it plugs into the optional cordless power pack (sold separately) for unrestricted movement with an all-day run-time on a single charge, and it even charges your mobile phone or tablet! (perfect for onsite use at health and fitness studios, moving freely about the home, or while on the go or at the club). 


iON Performance Recharge and Recovery Bath Soak is formulated to help elite athletes (and their moms, dads, friends, and neighbors) prepare for and recover from intense training and competition.  The one pound bag includes magnesium, creatine monohydrate, coconut oil and natural MCT oil to help you stay at the top of your game.


What’s in the box:

  • Jazz Band Splash
  • Wearable pouch
  • Short band (best for knees, ankles, wrists, elbows)
  • Long band (ideal for back or shoulders)
  • Power adapter with 10-foot cord
  • Cordless Power Pack
  • Magnetic Extension Cable
  • Quick start guide
  • One pound bag of iON Bath Soak
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